Lowongan Staff Marketing-PT Aneka Tirta Surya

    Staff Marketing-PT Aneka Tirta Surya

    Depok (Jawa Barat) - sawangan | Ditayangkan: 20-September-2019 | Tutup pada 20-October-2019

    ATS Mariculture for Sustainable Coral Reef
    The interest to enjoy the beauty of coral reefs in public or private aquarium tanks has been rising over the past few decades.
    This growing interest, paired with the increasing concerns over coral destruction and deforestation, have led the industry to
    the new trend of sustainable coral farming by propagation techniques.
    With great excitement, today ATS presents our NEW collection of unique mariculture corals with a greater variey of species
    and color morphs than ever. Our latest and finest farmed corals have already satisfied our costumers and now we are
    offering them to you.
    At ATS, we are commited to recognize and support the international effort to keep a sustainable coral reefs. We have been
    continuously building on our research and progress that gave resulted in a robust growth of mariculture  species. Our special
    selections of mother-stockwere collected and propagated on our own proprietary substrates and kept in our oceanic farms
    in multiple strategic locations throughout the Indonesian pristine waters.
    Our endeavor to conduct an eco-friendly production and sustainable harvest have also resulted in advancements of our proper
    propagation technique, tagging, monitoring, and treatment. Furthermore, we have been improving our harvesting, handling,
    and packing techniques to minimize losses in fulfilling the inquiries from our international customers.
    In addition to creating sustainable coral reef propagation with the ability to track and legally harvest sources of our cultured
    coral, we have initiated extensive job creation for our men and women.
    These efforts have won us a national recognition and an award on the National Conservation Day Declaration. More importantly,
    we have created healthy habitats for other marine organisms, especially reef fishes. We are also hoping that the beautiful
    mariculture corals that we have grown will increase the appreciation of some of the magnificent treasures of our seas and
    therefore sending a conversation message to those who see them.

    • Kandidat harus memiliki setidaknya Diploma, Gelar Sarjana di bidang apapun.
    • Bahasa yang harus dimiliki: English
    • Setidaknya memiliki 2 tahun pengalaman dalam bidang yang sesuai untuk posisi ini.
    • Kemampuan yang harus dimiliki: bahasa, komputer
    • Lebih disukai Lulusan baru/Pengalaman kerja kurang dari 1 tahun khusus dalam Penjualan - Retail/Umum atau setara.

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