Lowongan Marketing Manager-PT Matahari Semesta Indah

    Marketing Manager-PT Matahari Semesta Indah

    Jakarta Barat (Jakarta Raya) - Puri St Moriz | Ditayangkan: 12-September-2019 | Tutup pada 12-October-2019

    International Wanda Group
    Established in 1988, Wanda Group has become a large multinational conglomerate focusing on modern services. After 30 years of development, Wanda is now the world’s leading real estate company, leading film company, leading sports company and leading children’s entertainment company. Wanda Plaza, Wanda Cinema, Wanda Hotel, Wanda Culture Tourism City and Wanda Kidsplace have become well-known brands in China. In 2018, Wanda’s assets amounted to 625.7 billion yuan with revenue of 214.3 billion yuan.

    Job Responsibilities:
    1. Fully responsible for the promotion of the company's brand, docking the relevant brand communication work of the headquarters, and implementing the promotion of the joint venture company Wonder kids brand in the local market in Indonesia;
    2. Responsible for marketing planning, daily operation and maintenance and related external cooperation of new media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and other official social platforms), maintenance of the company's external media relations and assistance in handling crisis public relations;
    3. Responsible for liaison, expansion and maintenance of media, cross-industry organizations, brand customers and other cooperation, resource integration and maintenance, review the effectiveness and conversion rate of media delivery programs, and expand brand cooperation;
    4. Responsible for the planning and organization of copywriting, marketing, public relations and other activities of the company's hard-wide, soft-text, and press releases;
    5. Docking advertising execution company and TV station, network and other media, control the production of online and offline content (copywriting, posters, videos, etc.) and daily maintenance;
    6. According to the company's strategic development plan and industry market demand, formulate various marketing activities and follow up;
    7. Analyze and investigate the public relations situation of competing products and participate in the formulation of relevant coping strategies;
    8. Analyze the effects of communication, adjust strategies in a timely manner, improve the influence of brands in the media and industry, and consumers' awareness and satisfaction with brands.
    9. Coordination and implementation of the department and other related matters.
    job requirements:
    1. Bachelor degree or above in journalism, marketing, communication, advertising, etc.;
    2, more than 5 years relevant work experience, better experience in children-related industry;
    3, can independently plan and complete large-scale brand activities, can independently operate daily social media accounts, with independent project management and implementation experience;
    4, with strong relationship management capabilities, sensitive market insight and dissemination of smell, familiar with the consumption habits and communication characteristics of the Indonesian market; has a solid copywriting skills and rich practical cases (please attach relevant business cases during the interview);
    5. Rich media resources and brand customer resources, familiar with various media promotion modes;
    6, with excellent interpersonal communication skills and teamwork ability, strong resistance to stress
    7. Must be proficient in Indonesian and English, and understand Mandarin or have a priority in studying abroad.

    Wanda Kidsplace Park
    Wanda KidsPlace Park, anime-themed parent-child park created by Wanda Children Entertainment Co., Ltd., is the biggest children entertainment brand globally. For now, there are 120 KidsPlace Parks around the country with a consumer flow of 40 million every month, including 14 million families.
    In KidsPlace, children will be absorbed in playing with various toys while parents are looking after them. Everyone is cheered by this atmosphere of love and happiness, locking their attention in this fragmented era.

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