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    Head Finance-ID Photobook

    Yogyakarta - yogyakarta | Ditayangkan: 15-October-2019 | Tutup pada 14-November-2019

    PT IDPhotobook Mahakarya (Known as ID Photobook) is an Indonesian photo printing company, using digital apps as a platform.
    Started in a very humble beginning, in the city of Jogjakarta, ID Photobook is a cheerful, crazy, creative and ambitious group that work really hard to pursue their goals.
    In 2018 ID Photobook is officially announced as the largest digital photo company in Indonesia and even more ID Photobook also become TOP 5 in South East Asia. 
    Out-performing thousands of other big printing companies across South East Asia.

    • Oversee, review, and adhere to the budgets for each business department
    • Assist in company-wide budgetary planning
    • Ensure that all of the company's financial practices are in line in statutory regulations and legislation
    • Analyse the financial climate and market trends to assist senior executives in creating strategic plans for the future
    • Interpret complex financial information and provide updates and information as needed
    • Monitor cash flow, accounts, and other financial transactions
    • Supervise financial assistants and other employees in the facilitation of day-to-day operations, including tracking financial data, invoicing, payroll, etc.
    • Prepare official reports on a monthly and annual basis
    • Seek out methods and practices to minimise financial risk
    • Contract auditing services to ensure financial monitoring is up-to-date
    • Create and maintain relationships with service providers and contractors, including banking institutions and accountants
    • Update and implement financial policies and procedures
    • Maintain a policy manual for the finance department
    • Work with human resources employees to secure candidates who will be an asset to the finance department
    • Establish and implement a training program for new finance employees

    Why Joinin us? Karena Anda kalau kita lihat-lihat kok kayaknya.. jago!
    Dan biasanya orang jago seneng banget gabung sama tim ID Photobook. Semacam nemu partner bermain yang seimbang.. Seimbang, saling berlomba untuk jadi the best on their field, tapi anehnya gak pada sikut2an.
    Karena tim ID Photobook itu sejenis orang-orang Jogja yang skillful dan cerdas namun tidak pernah berjalan dengan dagu terangkat macam orang paling jago sedunia. Mereka ini jalannya agak membungkuk dan senyum nya selalu terpasang lebar sekali.. Iya, betul betul. Semacam orang gila.
    Anyway, what we have achieved, what we have done, will tell you more about who we are.. :)

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