Lowongan City GM-PT. Bobobox Mitra Indonesia

    City GM-PT. Bobobox Mitra Indonesia

    Bali, Bandung (Jawa Barat), Jakarta Raya, Jawa Tengah, Jawa Timur, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Sulawesi Uta | Ditayangkan: 17-October-2019 | Tutup pada 16-November-2019

    Travel is not only about coming to a city, visiting places, and going home. The real journey is when you get to be a part of the locals, taste local foods, and experience the local culture. Since 2017, Bobobox exists to offer a different experience for travelers to enjoy the perfect journey. Bobobox connects travelers, from pods to the city.
    Bobobox is Indonesia's hottest capsule hotel franchise startup in Bandung, the accomodation service combined with technology and IoT for smart travelers and millenial adventurers.

    City GM
    Role Overview
    Founded in 2018, Bobobox is on a mission to redefine sleeping facilities to improve everyone’s lifestyle in the fast-changing world. What motivates our team the most is the ability to provide the most affordable and personalized pod at the most convenient distance for everyone to get a high-quality rest and sleep with a continuously improved experience. We believe in a culture of high trust, helping others, and healthy communication. 
    As a City General Manager at Bobobox, you lead the end to end operational aspects for city-wide Bobobox’s hotel branches, spearhead our strategy, lead a branch operations team and execute plans across several functions. This role reports directly to the CEO of Bobobox. 
    You’ll arrive in a career experience of building teams from scratch, branch operations’ system that tied directly to the core business of the organization. 
    • Build out and directly lead the Bobobox branch operations across the appointed city to scale and execute all things operations.
    • You will directly manage a Branch Operations Manager and teams of Bobobox hotel’s Host(s) and Housekeeping staff at all hotel branches in the city.
    • Work closely with the Branch Operations Manager, leading each hotel’s branch market strategy and creating and executing initiatives to achieve them
    • Create the fundamentals to ensure company-employee communication flow and quality.
    • Motivate and leverage existing and incoming new staff to continually up-level their work ethics and results.
    • Work closely in a fast-paced environment with the local branch operations team, strategy, product, design, engineering, people and culture, finance and other senior leadership at the HQ to set clear objectives for the city-wide strategy.
    • Hiring and ensuring the quality of all city-wide hotel staffs
    • Enhance job satisfaction by resolving issues promptly, applying for new perks and benefits and organizing team-building activities in coordination with the people & culture team.
    • Employee safety, welfare, and constant education.
    • 7+ years of hands-on management of functions that included combinations of operations, business intelligence, marketing, customer-facing environment, customer retention, and project management.
    • Business judgment and critical thinking skills with the ability to gather and use data in order to promptly establish and set the highest value priorities and develop a strategy to pursue them.
    • Quantitative data analysis and strong analytical pursuit of execution.
    • High energy and motivational leadership driven by the intention to ‘lead by example’ with direct staff, peers, and senior leaders across all company functions.
    • A great communicator who is able to use Bahasa and English languages interchangeably.
    • Strong and proven managing team-experience across multiple offices and areas.

    At Bobobox Indonesia, we are collaborative, driven, fast paced, innovative and nurturing.
    Compensation: Competitive salaries
    Family benefits: Paid maternity / paternity leave

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