Lowongan Staff Teknik Kelistrikan-PT Dipa Pharmalab Intersains

    Staff Teknik Kelistrikan-PT Dipa Pharmalab Intersains

    Jakarta Pusat (Jakarta Raya) - JL Citarum No 15 Cideng Gambir Jakarta Pusat | Ditayangkan: 20-August-2019 | Tutup pada 19-September-2019

    PT Dipa Pharmalab Intersains, founded and commenced its operational activities on January 15, 1991; it sounds as a relative new Company therefore further information is given here that PT Dipa Pharmalab Intersains is a 'formation' of what previously known as Import Product Division of PT Pradja Farma Hoslab which has business activities in Indonesia since 1976 by importation, marketing and distribution of products from prominent worldwide Manufacturers for Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals & Laboratory Equipments, Medical Equipments and Devices. As a thriving marketing and distribution Company, led by a dynamic, professional and integrated management team, PT Dipa Pharmalab Intersains has the ability to pass through a severe economical crisis in Indonesia, starting mid of 1997 and over the year 2001 at the time Indonesia was faced more political uncertainty when a change of government occurred in the first semester of the year. However, as in previous years, PT Dipa Pharmalab Intersains has responded to those challenges by taking strategic initiatives to enable for the business to keep on growing substantially. During the period of nine years from 1991 to 1999 the Company has elevated the sales achievement to attain almost four times of growth by developing the existing products through market penetration and expansion and by obtaining new businesses based on mutual cooperation with new Principals. In line with fast growing phases, the Company now has commitment to set sales target of Rp. 150 billion in this year of 2004 originated from the existing and new businesses as well. After years of great efforts, PT Dipa Pharmalab Intersains is well established in Indonesia and with those years of developments and changes we have been performing from time to time, we are stepping into globalization era to win the competition with greater confidence.

    - Usia maksimal 28 tahun.
    - Pendidikan minimal SMK jurusan kelistrikan.
    - Pengalaman minimal 3 tahun sebagai staff teknik.
    - Memahami tentang arus kuat, arus lemah, dan mekanikal.
    Job Desc:
    - Melakukan inspeksi / kontrol / pengecekan secara berkala penggunaan alat yang berkaitan dengan listrik, 
      seperti stop kontak, dll
    - Membuat instalasi jika dibutuhkan ( pembuatan stop kontak, lampu, dll )
    - Melakukan pemeliharaan terhadap instalasi yang sudah ada

    We take pride in our strong team culture - one of mutual trust, learning, sharing, care, willingness, cooperation and concern. This includes providing a conducive, family-friendly work environment that enhances our staff's professional and personal growth. We are seeking for highly motivated, dynamic, independent individuals and disciplined person who willing to come forward and can work independently and team work and be one of our great team.

    ALAMAT : PT Dipa Pharmalab Intersains
    JL. Citarum No 15 Cideng, Gambir Jakarta Pusat


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