Lowongan Purchasing Import-PT Syspex Kemasindo

    Purchasing Import-PT Syspex Kemasindo

    Tangerang (Banten) | Ditayangkan: 26-March-2020 | Tutup pada 25-April-2020

    We are a fast-growing distribution company specializing in industrial automation equipment and packaging materials, and now South East Asia's leading Business-to-Business distribution company with headquater in Singapore.
    With our extensive knowledge and expertise in industrial packaging solutions, vast experience in various industries and a team of dedicated Syspex staff, we commit to work passionately in delivering value-driven customer solutions and to exceed the high demands of today’s industries and consumers.
    Together, we come with a meaningful purpose to create a Happy working environment, a Helping business catered towards all stakeholders – customers, suppliers, colleagues, bringing to them, great success and fulfilment and lastly, an enriching lifestyle with good values of Honesty and Health

    • Verify PR (Purchase Requisitions) by comparing items requested to available master stock list and clarifying unclear items with requester in order to comply with PR specifications.
    • Register new item’s code to SAP for future reference in master stock list.
    • Source, compare and assess suppliers’s bids and proposals to seek maximum value for Syspex through time and cost agreements without compromizing the qualify.
    • Establish and negotiate terms and conditions with appointed suppliers in compliance with Sypex’s policy and procedures.
    • Prepare PO (Purchase Order) by verifying specifications and price and obtaining approval from requisitioning department.
    • Distribute approved PO to suppliers on time in order to be delivered within the agreed schedule.
    • Manage critical, time-sensitive and complex issues, including contract documentation, damages collection, claims processing and deliveries to ensure flawless contract execution.
    • Notify Finance & Accounting and Logistic on any issued PO for monitoring delivery/import schedule, payment and goods receiving arrangement.
    • Monitor production time lead to ensure timely delivery/shipment arrangement
    • Maintain records of goods ordered and received  to avoid outstanding PR
    • Evaluate existing suppliers’ performance by analysing their ability to comply with contractual obligations annually for improvement   
    Job Requirements:
    • Minimum tertiary degree (Bachelor) in any major
    • Minimum 3 years working in Purchasing, preferably in packaging industry
    • Familiar with SAP
    • Excellent problem solving and analytical skill
    • Positive working attitude and able to work both in team and independently
    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
    • High Proficiency in English, Mandarin will be an advantage
    Job Benefits:
    • Career Advancement
    • Attractive Remuneration

    We pledge to practive and advocate "good and not evil" in everything that we do. We are commited to make the world a better place by helping and caring for other people and our environment

    Our commitment to Customers
    Prided to be our customers ' most trustworthy partner in supplying quality products and value services, with no gimmicks

    Our commitment to Suppliers
    COmmited to build mutually beneficial working relationships with our suppliers, practicing integrity and openness at all times

    Our commitment to Employees
    Promised to uphold an honest working culture, always providing love and care to our employees
    Our commitment to Environment
    Pledged to protect Mother Nature by providing environmentally friendly products and solutions, and eliminating wastage

    ALAMAT : PT Syspex Kemasindo
    Bangunan Industri Multiguna, Bumi Serpong Damai Blok H1 No 22, BSD Sektor X1, Tangerang, Banten 15310, Indonesia


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